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Wizards & The Potion Master

You & your fellow students at the University of Magic & Mystery have been called upon by Professor BumbleBore to take on a secret mission of the utmost importance!


Your new Potions Master, Cornelius Quarril is suspected of plundering the universities supply of mystical liquids & what's worse is the ingredients stolen are also used to make the Elixir of Everlasting Life. Quarril has a murky past & some even say he is follower of the Dark Lord himself!

So if he is planning on making the Elixir he must be stopped!

Professor Bumblebore has called him to his office for a staff meeting as a distraction.

He wants you to sneak into Quarril's quarters & search for the potions that have been stolen before its to late!

Please be aware there must be someone 16+ in the room responsible for anyone under the age of 16 as per Terms & Conditions. We recommend to become fully involved in the experience, players are ideally 12+. Minimum age we suggest is 10+ as their participation may be limited. It is not recommended for a 1 adult and young children team within the Wizard Experience. 

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Conjured - Spirits & Demons 16+

A house stands alone, it holds a dark secret, you know you should stay away, but it's calling you, drawing you closer, deeper into its spell. There's a dark power in this house & it must be stopped, once and for all.


You and your team have been called upon to stop a demonic terror which haunts this house. As experts in the occult and paranormal you realise this evil presence is gathering its strength by feeding off another spirit & stopping it from fully passing on. You must find the source of its dark powers and free the innocent soul, only then will it be weak enough to defeat.    

But as you enter the house you realise you are not the first to try this, those that have come before you have attempted the very same...and failed. You don't have much time, you must trap this Demon, before it traps you...forever.

But beware, it won't go quietly or without a fight!

16+ Only.

Customer Notice: This rooms contains strobe effects. Please contact us if this may affect you or any of your team.

Conjured Info
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*Please Note:  Although we do not class this as a horror room, it does have it's darker moments...You Have Been Warned!

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